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LASIK Surgery | Philadelphia | Marlton


Why did you decide to have the LASIK procedure?

"I lead a relatively active lifestyle. In addition to being a father, I'm a skier and a tennis player and I like to spend a lot of time outdoors. Coming indoors from outdoors in the winter, anyone who wears glasses has had the experience of having the condensation on their glasses; and just being able to be in the ocean, doing the things I want to do, glasses were an inconvenience."

With any surgery we know there's some risk involved, when you approached this, how did you weigh benefits against the risks?

LASIK Surgery | Philadelphia | Marlton"Well, obviously what I was looking at was the opportunity to not have to wear glasses anymore but primarily I looked at all the potential operations that were available and I've been looking for a lot of years. I have the benefit of being the son of an optometrist, so for about the last fifteen years I've been looking for some way to avoid wearing my glasses and at some point it was made known to me that there was this LASIK procedure which has a very high level of success, for which I was a very good candidate."

After being through this procedure, what do you think?

"I'm ecstatic. I'm also grateful to Dr. Nevyas-Wallace. Since I had the procedure, I am corrected glasses free. I am thrilled."
- Andrew Kessler


As an optometrist and someone who has had LASIK performed, what kind of legwork do you recommend to people when researching and deciding whether they should get this done and by whom?

"Usually when patients are interested in refractive procedures, I recommend that they look for a surgeon that they feel comfortable with and also one that has experience. You should be comfortable with the person who performs the surgery because you will have concerns both from a vision standpoint and from an anxiety standpoint."

How do you feel about your results?

"I am very very pleased. From the moment that I had the procedure I was 20/20 and I experienced very very little discomfort. I was told that I could anticipate a little bit of glare night because I have a large pupil size. I did experience glare at night however it was never hindering because my vision was clear. After about three months it totally dissipated and is now gone."
- Dr. Tammy Schuler

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"I'm one of those people who couldn't see the hand in front of their face when it's two feet in front. I wore glasses up until my 30's; I wore contacts after that. I hated it. I hated breaking the glasses. I hate cleaning the lenses. I hated not being able to see in the morning until I put the glasses on, I couldn't even read the clock."

LASIK Surgery | Philadelphia | Marlton"When I came to Nevyas Eye Associates what I really liked is, I didn't feel as if they were salespeople and they weren't trying to push me into it. They explained everything that was going to happen, step by step. I must have asked them six thousand questions, they never got tired of my questions. I probably had a lot of stupid questions. They never made me feel stupid about them. They figuratively held my hand through the procedure. I'm still amazed that I go to a football game, I go see the Philadelphia Eagles, and I'm up in the press box, I'm talking 200 yards away on the other side of the field is the head coach and I can see what he's saying and I can make out who he's talking to and I can see forever and that really has amazed me. I'll tell you something else and this again may sound corny, colors are brighter than they were. I used to see the leaves on the trees, I used to see the distance as sort of a shading of colors. Now I see the leaves on the trees and it's individual leaves. Now I look off into the distance and I can see this color breaking into that color. The surprise was that I could see even better. I figured I would see about the same but not have to wear the glasses or the contacts. What I learned is, how much better I could see."
- Glenn Macnow


“Thank you for your kindness, compassion and for your endless patience.  Your graciousness under pressure when you had all those other patients to help was very impressive to observe.  You are truly exceptional people.”
- Helen


“Thank you for your care and professionalism and for helping me to see well without glasses or contacts.”
- Ken, Instructor, Prospect Park, PA


“I just wanted to give you my warmest thanks and gratitude for this new ‘outlook’ on the world that you have provided me.”  I appreciate all the special care and attention from you and your staff.”
- K.V., Financial Analyst, NY,NY



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